The Siri Thesis

Interviews With Gary Giuffré, ISOC 2019

A note from the author:


This four-part series of interviews was conducted by Judith Sharpe’s on her radio program, “In the Spirit of Chartres Committee,” in 2019.  These discussions serve to shine light on the events leading up to the Vatican II era, via the election and overthrow of the rightfully elected pope in 1958, and the illegal imposition of six consecutive usurper anti-popes upon the Chair of Peter over the last 65 years. 

Some have dubbed this research, “the Siri Thesis,” which essentially states that a prelate by the name of Giuseppe Cardinal Siri was rightfully elected pope at the 1958 conclave, and immediately thereafter was overthrown by the threat of a hydrogen bomb on the Vatican, thus rendering his forced abdication invalid, as resignation from the Papal Office under duress is no resignation at all, as per Canon 185.

Over the last 35 years, our team of researchers has sought to document the concerted effort by the devil’s agents to undermine the Catholic Church by an insidious but hidden plot to remove the Vicar of Christ from visible control and possession of the Office of Peter behind the cover of conclave secrecy, leaving the Church in a period of “sede impedita” (“The See being obstructed, the bishop is unable to carry out the duties of his diocese.” - “Attwater’s Catholic Dictionary”) which continued for 31 years, until the death of the rightfully-elected pope on 2 May 1989.  Since that time, a condition of “sede usurpavit” (“the See being usurped”), and not merely “sede vacante” (the See being vacant), could be said to have existed in Rome.  But in reality, the Papal See was usurped (not simply vacated) from the moment that the Modernist schism was set up in the Vatican by the suppression and exile of the rightful pope on 26 October 1958.  

This investigation is concerned not only with uncovering the hidden history of the Church since 1958, but also to facilitate the restoration of the papacy at the commanding heights of the Church’s visible structures in Rome in the foreseeable future.  May Our Merciful Lord soon grant our unworthy world a true pope.  

In Christ the King,

Gary Giuffré